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Professor, Department of Marketing

Academic & Professional Qualifications

BBA CUHK, MBA Louisiana at Monroe, PhD Durham, DipM, MCIM

Research Interests

Small Firm Marketing

  • Lin, F., & Siu, W. (2020). Exploring brand management strategies in Chinese manufacturing industry. Journal of Brand Management, 27, 48-76.
  • Lin, F., Ansell, J., & Siu, W. (2020). Chinese SME development and industrial upgrading. International Journal of Emerging Markets.
  • Siu, W., & Lo, E. (2013). Cultural Contingency in the Cognitive Model of Entrepreneurial Intention. Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice, 37(2), 147-173.
  • Siu, W. (2008). Yuan and Marketing: The perception of Chinese Owner-managers. Journal of World Business, 43(4), 449-462.
  • Siu, W., & Bao, Q. (2008). Network Strategies of Small Chinese High-Technology Firms: A Qualitative Study. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 25(1), 79-102.
  • Tsang, A. S. L., Siu, W. S., & Ting, G. H. Y. (2007). Case Study: Model Kit World. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 8(3), 231-236.
  • Chan, H., Lin, T., & Siu, W. S. (2006). Cross Time Point Study of the Relationship between Marketing Practices and Performance in Taiwan Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) (in Chinese). Journal of Business Administration(71), 151-185.
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