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An Innovative Business Model to Unleash Greater Social Impact


Twenty-eight students representing four social enterprises competed for a grant funding from the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund (SIE Fund) at the NGC's Funding Committee Meeting on 8 April 2022. Among the four social enterprises are DECT Production, Elite Thai Boxing, Gingko House, and Kaifong Tour. Students have devised creative ideas to scale-up the social ventures, including creating a board game featuring Hong Kong cultural elements, empowering seniors to make soaps, connecting HKBU students and lower-income families through Thai boxing, and starting an agency that connects social enterprises and for-profit corporations. 


The DECT Production team with the idea of "COINS" - Creating Opportunities for Innovation for New Societies received the grant worth HK$150,000. The grant will be used to implement an idea of HKBU students to set up an agency that promotes innovation, collaboration, and communication between social enterprises and for-profit companies. CSR carnivals will be held online to foster collaborations between for-profit corporations and social enterprises in launching CSR activities. 

COINS Project

This year's pitching competition is judged by prominent figures from the social entrepreneurial community and academia, including Ms. Dorothy Lam, Co-founder and Chief Catalyst of Dream Impact; Ms. Christina Maisenne Lee, Director of Wofoo Social Enterprises; Ms. Ansah M. Malik, Registered Social Worker at Caritas Hong Kong; and Prof. Ed Snape, Dean of HKBU’s School of Business.


The winning student team consisted of five undergraduates and two postgraduates from HKBU’s School of Business. They are Sarbiyeva Aruzhan (BBA - Marketing), Cheng Hoi Ching Silver (BBA - Marketing), Chan Hong Ching Abby (BCom Marketing), Ma Chak Shing Kelvin (BCom Marketing), Yuen Sum Yu Pony (BCom Marketing), Hunter Goodin (MSc. in Business Management), and Huang Zhihao Calvin (MSc. in Business Management).



I bet you don’t know 28 May is Menstrual Hygiene (MH) Day, do you? Initiated by a German-based NGO, the "MH Day" promotes conversations about women’s reproductive health aiming to make menstruation a normal fact of life. Being one of the most open and developed cities in Asia, it is shameful that Hong Kong still faces barriers when it comes to menstruation. Although women in Hong Kong have more access to menstrual health products when compare with other parts of the region, menstrual stigma persists.

Here our winning student team of this year’s Nurturing Global-minded Changemakers (NGC) programme at Hong Kong Baptist University has a plan to raise public awareness to the issue. They successfully pitched for a grant of HK$150,000 from the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development (SIE) Fund to scale up the business of Happeriod with a campaign called "Master M". Founded in 2014, Happeriod is a social enterprise which provides alternative choices of menstrual products and promotes menstrual education to the public. The "Master M Campaign" will help Happeriod to boost the sales of its green and alternative menstrual products and to educate the public on the issue with integration of workshops, competitions, exhibitions, and social media promotions.


Under the theme of "Marketing for Social Enterprise: Surviving and Thriving in the New Normal", the Happeriod student team, together with three other teams partnering with social enterprises Codekey Cookies, Okapi Studio, and Trial and Error Lab, had presented their entrancing business plans with brilliant presentation skills in front of our judges and guests from the social entrepreneurship community during the online Funding Committee Meeting held on 22 April 2021. Panel of judges of this year's compeititon included Dr. Albert Chau (Vice-President (Teaching and Learning), HKBU), Ms. Eva Wong (Co-founder, WEDO Global), and Mr. Darius Yuen (Founder, Sow (Asia) Foundation).

Student Presentations

The winning student team was formed by six undergraduate students from BCom (Hons) in Marketing and one taught postgraduate student from MSSc. in Media Management. They are: Chen Jiayin Gillian (BCom MKT), Gu Liquan Monkey (MSSc. in Media Management), Huang Ziying Anna (BCom MKT), Lee Cheuk Hin Kelvin (BCom MKT), Li Hau Ying Hedy (BCom MKT), Shen Biqi Becky (BCom MKT), and Zhou Kexin July (BCom MKT).


About the HKBU NGC Programme
Financially supported by the SIE Fund, the HKBU NGC programme is the first structured educational project in Hong Kong with elements of social innovation, capacity building, network development, and entrepreneurial marketing case research. Beneficiaries for the project include university students, secondary school students, social entrepreneurs and the communities they serve, and academia. For details, please visit our webpage: