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In 2018, the Department of Marketing pioneered social entrepreneurship education at HKBU through the Nurturing Social Minds (NSM) programme, a 2-year project funded by the Yeh Family Philanthropy (YFP) and the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development (SIE) Fund. To sustain the flourishing momentum created within the NSM programme, the Department of Marketing further developed the Nurturing Global-minded Changemakers (NGC) programme, which is a 3-year knowledge-transfer and mindset-development project designed to provide hands-on social entrepreneurship education and training to students at different academic levels at HKBU. The programme is financially supported by the SIE Fund.

The NGC programme is the first structured educational project in Hong Kong with elements of social innovation, capacity building, network development, and entrepreneurial marketing case research. Beneficiaries for the project include university students, secondary school students, social entrepreneurs and the communities they serve, and academia.


Project Uniqueness

Operated under Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) in Marketing, the NGC programme offers five credit-bearing courses:
  1. BMKT3195 Social Venture Planning – an introductory course offers students the opportunity to develop their own social business proposals that address a particular social problem. Students are prepared for every step of the process – from idea generation to planning and then launch.
  2. BUSI3055 / BMKT3205 Fundamentals of Social Entrepreneurship and Social Impact (alternative title: BUSD7010 Social Enterprise Management and Social Impact Strategies) – an interdisciplinary course enables students from different levels and disciplines to work in teams to provide marketing knowledge and support for Social Venture Partners. The course culminates with a group project during which postgraduate students lead groups of undergraduate students in developing a Social Enterprise Proposal that seeks to address the key issues facing their Social Venture Partner and to help scale up operations with evolving marketing strategies. The student teams will then deliver a pitch on behalf of their Social Venture Partner for HK$150,000 in grant funding for real-life execution.
  3. BMKT4215 Marketing Practicum for Social Entrepreneurship – a service-learning course offers students the knowledge to “walk the talk” by completing a 120-hour internship with their Social Venture Partner, with the objective to scale up the social venture’s business.
  4. BMKT4225 Community Development for Social Entrepreneurship – an experiential-learning course designed for students that facilitates intergenerational support for social entrepreneurship. Students will take the lead to serve as trainers to instruct secondary school students on social innovation and entrepreneurship.
  5. BMKT3215 Marketing Field Study for Social Entrepreneurship – another experiential-learning course enables students and social entrepreneurs to visit social ventures and attend seminars hosted by local and/or international social entrepreneurs or faculty members. The field trip will enhance both students’ and social entrepreneurs’ business acumen, while providing new business and networking opportunities.

Research on Entrepreneurial Marketing Practices

Another value component of the NGC programme is its culmination with a casebook as a tangible goal and outcome. Faculty members in the Department of Marketing will visit social ventures in Hong Kong and overseas and write case studies covering the most effective entrepreneurial marketing practices within these ventures in terms of their business models, social value, and capital sources. The findings will be shared with the academic community in the form of a casebook or conference presentations, which will then fortify the research-teaching nexus at the university.

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