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Public Education TV Programme 2019

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Department of Marketing will launch a public education TV programme “act NOW! Plastic FREE!”(「走塑咪走數」) as part of the three-year community project - Jockey Club Responsible Consumption Programme. The TV programme will be aired on Hong Kong Open TV and Cable TV on Saturdays and Sundays, starting from 8 December 2019. 

Under the theme “Reducing consumption  of shopping bags and packaging materials” this year, the four episodes, each of 30 minutes, will feature singers Terence Siufay(小肥) and Vivian Chan Wai-man (陳慧敏), together with eight students from the School of Business, to take up different “plastic-free” challenges and visit environmental groups, introducing environmental impacts of plastic waste and ways to create a plastic-free society to the public. There will also be YouTubers including Sunny and Creamy, and KOLs sharing different creative ways to turn plastic waste into DIY crafts.

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