Department of Marketing

Adjunct Professors

Adjunct Professors

Prof. Howard Ling Ho-wan, MH 凌浩雲教授
Chief Consultant, The Hong Kong Council of Social Service - Social Enterprise Business Centre;
Convenor, Artificial Intelligence & Social Intelligence Alliance

Prof. Howard Ling Ho-wan

Prof. Howard Ling is the Chief Consultant of Social Enterprise Business Centre, and the Convenor of Artificial Intelligence & Social Intelligence Alliance. Howard began his social entrepreneurial journey in 2004. He founded several social and commercial enterprises such as Bijas, TT Veggie, Annalee Dolls, and Dr. Mask, etc. These social businesses are designed according to their strengths, not weaknesses. Howard also serves as advisors for charity foundations such as Yeh Family Philanthropy, Wofoo Social Enterprises, Hong Kong Shared Good Values, and Changing Young Lives Foundation. Prior to starting his business; he worked for Nestle, LVMH, and Tag Heuer Switzerland, gaining local and overseas business experiences.

Prof. Ling also serves as a consultant for Macau SAR (Social Enterprise Funding Scheme), providing advices not only in the aspect of funding channels for business startups and expansion, but also a wide range of solutions in terms of planning, execution and its sustained developments. He has helped many non-profit organizations to set up more than 30 social enterprises, which employ over hundreds of the disabled people, including those of visual and hearing impairments, physical handicaps, and autism. He was awarded the Medal of Honour (MH) in 2017 and the Hong Kong Humanity Award 2017 for his dedicated public and community service, particularly his contributions to the development of social enterprises.



Programme Course Code Course Title
General Education GDBU 1075 Marketing Yourself
MScMM MKT 7070 Global Marketing Strategy
MScEGM MKTG7120 Global Marketing
MScEGM MKTG7130 Academic Dissertation / Business Project